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Muang Khua Overview
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Muang Khua Overview
Muang Khua Town
Muang Khua sits on the bank of the picturesque Nam Ou River, near the mouth of Nam Phak River having its origin in Udomxay and Muang La. Muang Khua is a beautiful and peaceful district in Phongsali province, about 7-hour drive or 5-hour boat ride upstream from Nong Kiaw. Yet, it is one of the poorest areas of Laos. Surrounded by high rising mountains and isolated from national highway. Phongsaly, including Muang Khua has still remained untouched and not-so-well-known || Read more
A mix of Wats and Lao Lao:   Trekking an excellent experience:
Lao Lao making   Trekking in Muang Khua
Now the only wats (temples) in Muang Khua, built in 1979, is next to this site. It's interesting more for the history of the area than for any aesthetic reasons. A village across the Nam Ou produces Lao Lao, the local rice whisky.   Foreigners rarely visit these villages and they are delighted to welcome strangers with true Lao hospitality. A range of ethnic groups live in the area "Khamu, Akha, Tai Dam" but not nearly as many as live further north in Phongsali or to the west in Muang Sing and Luang Namtha.
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