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Muang Khua Overview
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Trekking Tours in Muang Khua, Phongsaly Province, Laos
1 Day Trek Pakha Trail “Akha & Tai Yuang Village”
(ID: MK-TK-01)
Akha in Muang Khua  
Moderate hiking on small path through bamboo forest, herbal plants and beautiful landscape to visit two different tribes such as: Akha Loma and Tai Yuang, both of them still traditional costumes and join some activities with local people. |Book now | Read more >>  
1 Day Trek Scenery Jungle-Nam Ou River Tail
(ID: MK-TK-02)
1 Day Trek Scenery Jungle-Nam Ou River Tail  
This one-day tour is a special trip for visitors with limited time in Muang Khua who are seeking an interesting experience. The trek lead you into the scenery jungle, mountain landscape and excellent view to visit Khmu village located near the Nam Ou River and back to Muang Khua by small local boat. | Book now | Read more >>  
2 Days Trek Khmu in Muang Khua (ID: NT-TK-03)  
The trek you will see and learning about culture and traditional of triple ethnic minority groups they are Akha Ya Er, Khmu and Tai Dam. During walking on the small path you will explore excellent view and mountain landscape. The day you stay overnight in the Khmu village. | Book now | Read more >>  
2 Days Trek Ethnic Diversity in Muang Khua
(ID: MK-TK-04)
Akha Ya Er in Muang Khua  
Hiking through mountain rice fields with nice view, to know herbal plants in the scenery forest, visit ethnic diversity, stay overnight in the homestay of Akha traditional house. Learn about their culture and traditional, test local food, Lao whisky (Lao Lao) and Akha traditional massage. | Book now | Read more >>  
2 Days Trek Sbor in Muang Khua (ID: MK-TK-07)  
Visit two different kind of tribes: Akha Loma and Tai Yang the most of Akha Loma women still wear traditional costume, there are two different conditions hiking on small path in the forest and nice way open part beautiful view, landscape, nature and experience how to make Lao whisky. | Book now | Read more >>  
3 Days Tai Yang Trek (ID: MK-TK-05) Tai Yang in Muang Khua  
This trek is moderate there are two conditions of routes: small path and nice way visit Akha Loma, Akha Pala, and Tai Yang the most of Akha women wear traditional customs, participate traditional Baci-Ceremony and stay overnight in the traditional homestay. | Book now | Read more >>  
3 Days Animist Trek (ID: MK-TK-06) Akha Woman in Muang Khua  
Trek to visit authentic ethnic diversity, the most of Akha women still wear colorful traditional customs, use horses to carry luggage to result the old day in the past and warm welcoming you by Baci ceremony. Along the trail you will enjoy beautiful views, mountain landscape and nice way. | Book now | Read more >>  
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