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Muang Khua Overview
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FAQ in Phongsaly Province, Laos
I would like to go Trekking. How can I book?
You can contact us per e-mail or phone to pre-book. You can start any day. Depending on which trek you have chosen, we might advise you on the best itinerary to save time. The final booking and payment (in Kip) are made at the Tourism Office when you arrive. Treks can be booked at our main office in Phongsaly Town, or directly in Boun Neua and Boun Tai for the treks in the corresponding area. The treks starting from Muang Khua can only be booked at Muang Khua Tourism Office. Please check who to call in case you arrive outside opening hours (-> tourism offices). We can meet you at your guesthouse and organize your trek for the following day.
What should I take with me for the trek?
  • Women need a sarong to take a shower at the village fountain or at the river
  • Good shoes for trekking
  • Hat/cap against the sun
  • Long pants and long shirt
  • Rain coat ( in the rainy season )
  • Torch
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • A sleepbag ( if you have
I would like to bring some gifts for the children to the village. What do they like the most?
We strongly recommend to never give gifts, money and above all candies to the children! It creates feelings of jealousy, produces begging behaviour, not to mention tooth decay (they are not used to eat sweets and can’t go to the dentist!). Likewise, don’t give personal gifts or money to adults. It can create conflicts and put your interlocutor in an inferior position. Your simple presence generates incomes for your hosts. If you would like to support the village, you can make a donation to the village fund. It will benefit the whole village.
I plan to go to Phongsaly during the rainy season. Is it accessible? Is it possible to go trekking?
Phongsaly is accessible by bus the whole year. But after heavy rains, the road can be muddy and the bus journey takes longer. Going trekking is also possible, although the trails might be quite muddy and some treks are not available between July and September (depending on the rain). Please contact us to check which treks are possible.
Is it better to go to Phongsaly by boat or by bus?
Both are nice (and a bit adventurous). The best is to have a loop doing one way by bus and the other by boat. We can advise you about the best itinerary depending on which trek you will go on.
Is Phongsaly reachable by plane?
No, at the moment, Phongsaly is not reachable by plane. The flight from Vientiane to Boun Neua airport is cancelled for an undetermined time.
What does the price for a trek include?
The price for a 2 or more day trek includes an English speaking guide, all the meals (starting and finishing with lunch), water, homestay accommodation, an Akha massage in the village and a contribution to the village fund of each visited village. Please note that transport costs (for you and your guide) are not included, as they vary a lot and we prefer not to charge you more than necessary! (you will find all details about transport costs in the trek descriptions).
Do you accept credit cards? Is there an ATM?
Sorry, but we don’t accept credit cards. The payment is to be made in cash and in kip. In Phongsaly town, there are 4 ATMs where you can withdraw money with a credit card. There is no ATM yet in Muang Khua: the closest one is in Oudomxay.
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